Book: Max Andersson, The Excavation, 2017

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Back to the subject of graphic novels which I’ve recently been very much into. Max Andersson is a Swedish artist of numerous genres who participates in projects all across the world (just the guy I need, hehe). The Excavation is the first graphic novel he made straight for the American audience, even though his ties with the country are long-standing, and back in the 80s Andersson attended NYU.

The book is about a guy who wants to introduce his girlfriend to his parents. But there is an excavation sight where his childhood home used to be. So they start digging. What follows is chockfull of dystopian surrealism. I had so much fun reading this, and honestly could just keep going indefinitely. I love dark humour, gore and imaginary wastelands, and this has a perfect amount of both. So happy there are more comics rom Andersson to discover.

The Excavation by Max Andersson
Published by Fantagraphics Books in 2017