Art: Neus Mola, The Silenced Voice, 2016

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Neus Mola is an artist and teacher from Andorra la Vella who installed this sculpture in Casa Rull Museum, a period building that shows the way of life led by Andorrans in late 19th-early 20th centuries. Mola’s plaster pots are meant to signify the silent contributions of the women who toiled to keep the households, such as the one represented in the museum, alive and running. Blending with the whitewashed walls, becoming one with household objects, women had been silenced, but now, with the help of Mola, their ghosts stage an intervention, and take their rightful place in the center of the period rooms, unapologetic, important, omnipresent.

Apparently, the project was a hit and the government of Andorra even put the sculpture on postage stamps. Really cool oddly shaped postage stamps.