Food: Lino Cokolino From Podravka

By |September 25th, 2018|Country: |


There are a lot of things to hate in the amazon capitalism we live in today, but there is one thing in which it makes me very happy, albeit through a false path of memory. My proustian madelaines are a chocolate cereal made in Croatia that I used to eat as a toddler when it was sold and advertised in the USSR, and that I now can buy online. It’s those flakes that look kind of like wheat bran but are sweet and chocolatey, and if you mix them with milk or water, you get this very light substance that’s between heavenly manna and chocolate pancake dough if you could eat it raw. My partner looks at me eating it like I’m nuts (btw, there is also a hazelnut Chocolino, called Chocolino Lesnjak, i.e. Forest Chocolino) but I have never tasted anything remotely like it, so his loss?