Book: Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau, Bloom, 2019

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A graphic novel about baking and a budding queer romance between a Greek-American boy who feels constrained by his parent’s expectations for him to inherit their business and a cute Pacific Islander who starts working for them

Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau, Bloom, review


Greek pastries and budding queer romance? Sign me up please. A wonderful coming-of-age story about a Greek-American boy Ari, who doesn’t know what he wants himself, but gets stuck between the different aspirations that his family and his friends have for him, until he meets Hector, a boy of Samoan origin who starts working for Ari’s family bakery. A simple and cute queer love story, which, however, taps into all the right inspirations to make it unique. Before I’d read it I didn’t realize that what I was lacking in life was a Greek-Samoan couple making revani and keke fa’i. More stories like this, please! And more international deserts, because this is everything that this blog lives for.

Bloom by Kevin Panetta (author) and Savanna Ganucheau (illustrator)
Published by Macmillan in 2019

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