Art: Fafi

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The French graffiti artist whose sexy but empowering “fafinettes” defined the 00s and now live on through limited edition work and collabs

Art: Fafi, review


I was obsessed with Fafi when I was a teenager: I may have a t-shirt with her design tucked away somewhere back in Moscow. It’s a weird thing: I don’t think that I’ve ever even seen any of her works live, because the peak of her graffiti work in NYC and Paris was when I was still living in Moscow. But I learned about her through Nylon magazine and developed a crush. All my livejournal avatars were made from Fafi illustrations: her voluptious bow-eyed beauties so fitting for all the provocative texts I wrote under the nickname “suchka”, “little bitch”. Fafi is a decade older than me, but I feel like we grew in the same generational bracket, and as I read her interview just now, as she loops her 00’s work to feminism and talks about her invented worlds, I felt such kinship. Now I gotta go befriend some teenagers so they can hook me up with some soldout AdidasxFafi kicks.

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