Book: Grant Morrison, The Filth, 2004

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Grant Morrison, The Filth, review


An insane graphic novel. I think I’ll need to reread it for the second time but it was so satisfying that even though I couldn’t keep track of some of the plot lines, I got such a huge kick out of it. I wish someone made this into a TV show, or that Morrison wrote more in the series. The universe is so interesting, and I would love to explore it (and see more Anders Klimakkks, hahaha). Only after reading did I realize that Morrison is the guy behind Happy!, which I adore, and many other rad things. I definitely need to get more educated on comics and to read more Morrison. He’s got the exact kind of dry and dark humor that I love and find lacking in American stuff.

The Filth by Grant Morrison, Gary Erskine (Art), Chris Weston (Art)
Published by Vertigo in 2004