Film: Noah Land, dir. Cenk Erturk, 2019

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A man’s father wants to be buried beneath a tree: but is it just a tree he planted in his youth or a relic of the Biblical flood?

Cenk Erturk, Noah Land, review


Noah Land is the debut feature film from NYU-educated filmmaker Cenk Enturk, produced by his brothers, and the familial warmth spills over, even though the relationships in the film are complex. Ibrahim is dying and tells his estranged son, Ömer, to bury him under the tree he planted in his youth. However, it turns out that the tree in question is currently the site of pilgrimage, considered to be planted by Noah right after the flood. So which is it? As Ömer and Ibrahim face the local goons in charge of the tree, encounter local residents (including a vegetarian imam and a very smart dog) and have some long overdue heart-to-hearts, the film becomes a subtle, searing study of beliefs people have and how they shape what we become. A strong, promising and intelligent debut with gorgeous cinematography from Federico Cesca and amazing acting from Ali Atay and Haluk Bilginer.

Noah Land (Nuh Tepesi), 2019
Director: Cenk Erturk

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