Film: Limestone Cowboy, dir. Abigail Malia, 2017

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What to do when your parent is delusional and the whole country is watching?


It happens everywhere: amidst an election there will be a candidate who creates a lot of buzz because they are so absurd and flamboyant, they seem like they’re a living breathing caricature. However, as the election passes, such candidates are left with just a few pity votes and a broken heart. Because despite being the laughingstock, they take themselves seriously.

The makers of this film decided to imagine what it’s like to be the family of such a candidate. Enter Karist, a shoemaker who dresses as a spaghetti Western character and runs a wild campaign along with a bunch of local drunks and a Lebanese conman. Only his son, John, a straight-laced manager, can see that to the country his father is nothing but a big joke. But how to communicate this to his starstruck parent? A powerful, funny and tragic exploration of middle age peer pressure, father issues and dangerous dreams. Amazing actors, who had all played small roles on Game of Thrones: Malta has for many been a production paradise which is long overdue to shine with a cinema of its own.

Limestone Cowboy, 2017
Director: Abigail Malia

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