Film: Mogu and Perol, dir. Tsuneo Goda, 2018

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This review of a film that deals with food & drink is part of a short series of menu & film pairings that we propose to those hungry for some nourishment in their bellies and brains alike. See the full dinner menu here

A furry chef discovers that dinner doesn’t taste as good when there’s no one to share it with, in this adorable short with some of the best-looking stop-motion food from the creator of Domo-kun

Mogu and Perol, dir. Tsuneo Goda, cartoon poster
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PAIR WITH: Brrr-berry cake, Mogu-shaped cotton candy, gummy bears, sweet omelets with jam.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Mogu and Perol are two furry friends who live on the edge of a bountiful forest on Yummy island. Mogu likes to cook, but he has noticed that whenever he makes a delicious plate, Perol always comes along and eats half of it. However, when the friends disagree over a berry, Mogu understands that meals are not the same without his friend. Will he be able to win Perol over again with a delectable feast in her honor?

WHO MADE IT: Tsuneo Goda is the creator of Domo-kun, the brown monster from Japanese TV sketches that has been an internet sensation since the early ’00s. “Mogu and Perol” is one of his latest independent works.

WHY DO WE CARE: We live at a time when take out, snacks on the go, and food gobbled up in front of the TV run the planet even in its most remote parts. This makes it incredibly important to instill an understanding that preparing meals and consuming them with your friends and family is essential. And it’s not merely something that only the extremely privileged can do. After all, even sitting down with a special someone over a bowl of simplest porridge or some bread butts has the power to make even the worst of your days better. “Mogu and Perol” masterfully and adorably shows the importance of shared meals, although Mogu’s culinary talent doesn’t allow him to make anything less than exemplary.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: “Mogu and Perol” is a joy to watch for adults and children alike. It will be an enjoyable cartoon with an important lesson for the little ones, while adults will gasp at the skill and meticulousness that went into the creation of this stop-motion animation. Funny, cute, and full of tiny animated dishes that showcase Mogu’s incredible cooking chops, “Mogu and Perol” might easily be one of the best cartoons we’ve seen lately. Tsuneo Goda is a master of creating impactful characters from furry fabric, and he has found success with his ability yet again.

Mogu and Perol, 2018
Director: Tsuneo Goda

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